Our Training

As part of the training, which will take 7days, we concentrate on improving key skills like English grammar and pronunciation. The emphasis on these skills is crucial to a successful call center interview and coveted placement in an internationally renowned operation. The appeal of Raxtim.com revolves around the fact that very few applicants actually get hired without the proper training. By some accounts, only 3% of applicants pass the call center job interview for remote positions, for example.

At Raxtim.com, we not only prepare you to take customer service calls but can also provide training in technical service support and back office support.

Some of our training includes:

  • Telephone Greetings
  • Overcoming Initial Objections like "Not interested" (for Outbound centers)
  • Discovery/Finding Hidden Needs
  • Bringing Your Products to Life During Your Presentation
  • Closing Assertively and Successfully

The candidates will be trained in the basics of sales and customer service excellence, as well as advanced communication techniques

We also provide consulting services and training to help companies improve revenue, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

Raxtim.com  provide the job seekers especially those interested in remote positions with a platform from which to embark upon a career in call center/ customer service operations.

The course has been designed to provide students' knowledge in the diverse field of customer service and sales. The candidates are expected to learn the critical aspects of customer management, including how to handle challenging customers, how to build rapport with all types of customers and how to maintain a positive customer service environment will be the key segments of the course.