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Frequently Asked Questions

We train individuals who wish to work as call center/customer service agents, our goal is to adequately prepare you on how to work remotely handling inbound and outbound calls for clients (especially USA based), with our training, you will have the opportunity to handle live calls.
We currently charge $89.99 for access to the training portal.
Our trainings are online, they have been specially designed for those who intend to work remotely.
Many of our previous trainees have secured jobs from thousands of companies around the world. The one important thing required is the training.
We recommend you wait till the completion of the training
Upon signup, you will have access to our training portal.
No, you will be assigned a daily number of calls to make, no extra charge, you will need access to the internet to make those calls.
You will need a device to access the training, a PC, Laptop or a mobile device with internet access.
Yes, you will receive a worldwide recognized certificate mailed directly from the USA to your home.
It will be physically mailed.
You can find those we have trained on our website. The training perfected their accents and their ability to engage prospective clients also significantly improved with the training
The training is perfectly designed to suit worldwide audience, regardless of your background, you can participate.

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