Our Mission

Raxtim.com certifies, trains, and delivers efficient services and solutions to contact centers, by applying our vertical market experience, focusing on world class standard performance.

We believe everyone is driven by an innate desire to learn and grow. By equipping people with the skills the world needs, we help them redefine their careers, their companies, and their fields. We believe that together we can push the limits of what’s possible.

We propel people and their companies toward their aspirations and goals. By providing the guidance, learning, and insights they need, we help them to not only understand where their strengths lie, but to amplify and multiply them. And through data, we continually match those skills to growth and career opportunities.

A college degree used to be the de facto door-opener that led to the career ladder that led to a comfortable retirement. Today, however, people need to continuously build their skills and stay ready to take advantage of the next opportunity in an ever-changing world.

Grab Tomorrow By The Horns.

Keeping people’s skills current is the biggest talent challenge of our time. Increases in remote working, advances in technology, and the ongoing push toward more automation make up skilling and reskilling increasingly critical. Degreed gives you the insights and tools to align your people’s skills with your business imperatives — so everyone comes out on top.

Learning, skills, and career opportunities. All in one place.

Eight-in-ten people do not have the skills they need for their current roles or future careers. That’s why Raxtim trainings brings everything your workforce needs to build in-demand skills together in one place — guidance, learning resources, feedback, and even projects, gigs, and jobs.